Monday, August 14, 2017

Apocalypticism: How was your week?

It is difficult for Don's Basement to keep up. In the last week, we had to deal with the North Korean nuclear crisis and Venezuela.

Waiting out the whole North Korea thing
Working out Venezuela
Venezuela went away pretty quickly but North Korea lingered on until Monday morning when the  Chinese stock markets, Hang Seng (Hong Kong) gained 1.36% and the Shanghai Composite rose 0.90% and the US Markets were similarly upbeat.

Now it seems the problem is that we all hate each other. If this doesn't get resolved by next week, I may have to get a yard sign.

I do allow other emotions like fear, envy, and greed.

Still, last week was stressful in that "it's the end of the world as we know it." kind of way. I wanted to address as best I could by stringing together funny movie or TV clips.

I am not alone in mocking a possible apocalypse.

Wait Wait Don't Tell Me's first joke from Bill Kurtis, "Before the Apocalypse starts, let me be your last Bill and Testament."

Still, I had to take extra Valiums to get to sleep last week.

Thanks for reading and watching Don's Basement. 

Have a nice day!