Monday, January 1, 2018

The Year of the Basement

Whilst researching this post, I tried to remember that psychic who predicted the future on late night TV in the 60s and 70s. My first choice was the "Amazing Kreskin" who is still active today.

Kreskin who prefers to be called a 'mentalist'  is an entertainer and only does predictions as a stunt. He favors card tricks. And locating his paycheck for his personal appearances in odd places...inside a stuffed turkey, a musician's horn, a bra.

Mandrake the Magician influenced a young Kreskin. Presumably, before he became "Amazing." "Although Mandrake publicly works as a stage magician, he spends much of his time-fighting criminals and combatting supernatural entities." His superpower is his ability to quickly hypnotize people. (See Don's Basement hypnosis post.)

Kreskin does have a civic side. Here is Kreskin on AOL's Weird News.


In fact, the person I sought turned out to be The Amazing Criswell. An older man than Kreskin, Criswell was featured on radio, TV, newspapers, and in the films of Ed Wood.

Here are some of his predictions.

The aphrodisiacal era: May 1, 1988, to March 30, 1989.

I predict that our own United States will in the future be swept by the popular clouds of an aphrodisiacal fragrance. ... This aroma will fill every man and woman who inhales it with uncontrolled passion. It will be sold at first "underground" like LSD or STP today. But it will soon become easily available. ...

Interplanetary Convention

Las Vegas, Nevada, March 10, 1990: The first Interplanetary Convention will be held in the new Convention Center on the famed Strip with colony citizens of Mars, Venus, Neptune and the Moon in full representation; Governor Sawyer will make the opening welcome address.
Governor Grant Sawyer: 1918-1982

South Dakota I predict that South Dakota will become the first state to legalize prostitution and the sale of marijuana. I predict that a group of ruthless men will control the state government of South Dakota in the late 1970s and their open traffic in prostitution and drugs will cause repercussions throughout the country.

Incredibly 2 out of these 3 predictions came true. Do you know which ones?

Here is my video of the week. Happy New Year!