Thursday, January 21, 2016

America's Apprentice™ Democrats; the Race Awakens and Sarah Palin is Back

While the stock market plummeted, the GOP held another debased debate, Star Wars made over a billion dollars, and I got a tooth pulled, Hillary Clinton  and Bernie Sanders are competing in a couple of small states with a combined population of 4.4 million.

In 2008, about 500,000 Democrats voted in both the Iowa caucus and New Hampshire primary. As they like to say in metrics world, that is a small sample size. Then candidate Barack Obama beat Hillary Clinton by a combined 12,000 votes in those two states with Obama taking Iowa and Clinton winning in New Hampshire.

Will history repeat itself and the heavily favored, highly qualified, near universal name recognized, Yale law school grad, first lady of Arkansas and America, senator from New York,  Secretary of State Clinton be defeated by a formerly obscure senator.

Of course there are big differences. Senator Obama represented Iowa's neighbor to the east and Senator Sanders represents  New Hampshire's neighbor to the west. Otherwise it is the same story.

Here is a sample Democrat New Hampshire Ballot. You have to scroll down through all the counties to find dozens of candidates.

Hillary began her campaign with an extremely patronizing (or matronizing video) that told America that we needed a champion and there she was.

I thought Bernie was ridiculed out of the race by Larry David's portrayal on SNL.
 Instead, Bernie has inspired all Americans who yearn to be Europeans.

538 forecasts Hillary to win in Iowa with a probability over 70%. Yet there even in their spread of 52  polls, Bernie is gaining ground.

In my business life, we are looking for a new employee. One of my requirements is that they have direct experience in the job that they will be doing. It is pretty difficult to find a president with experience. But at least Hillary knows her way around the building.

And as if...

behold Palin.

 Perhaps history will view this as our finest hour. When the voice of ordinary, hard-working, people was heard on the left and right. Or will it be full of sound and fury and as the man says, signifying nothing.

Or what does this election say about the callousness of these same ordinary Americans. They are on their sofas watching some action movie. Or TV show. And then decide they have the wisdom to advocate a war, where Americans will die by confusing acting tough with being tough.