Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Fascist Insect

Whilst reading the NYT magazine, I came upon a story about a rebirth of vinyl.
A former corporate attorney and CEO, Vince Slusarz, left his water processing equipment position in 2008 and decided to be about pressing vinyl records.
Read the actual story here...

I understand that there is a hipster demo that is listening to and buying vinyl. Not Not Fun is a LA label that specializes in vinyl and cassettes and one of their bands stayed at my house but then the broke up. But it wasn't my fault.

Back to Cleveland where Vince has his company. One of his employees, Mitch Ribis is an Iraq war veteran and has a "noise-rock band" or  "down-tempo / industrial," Or "noise-worship Industrial/Doom." It is called  Fascist Insect.

This t-shirt that hangs upstairs in no way attacks the nice, industrial doom band or any of their individual members.
The t-shirt is a project that me and my friends did while we were in our 20s.
The painting is unsigned.

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