Friday, June 7, 2013

A few days in the life: Las Vegas Edition

The mid-life crisis. The crisis. Who am I? When does this ever end? Oh wait, I know where it ends. It looks like this. The desert. The cactus; the stone, perchance a rabbit.

Or it could be a leathery, tattooed, drunken mass of slightly goofy vacationers and locals looking upward  towards an loud, edgy light show.


I felt invisible. An empty shell-A lonely cell in which an empty heart must dwell (Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley and published in 1962.

 After a few days of gambling, drinking, and playing golf, the spirits of the unholy trilogy of lounge singers began to shimmer from the walls of famous Pawn Stars, pawn shop. I'm not sure I even saw that picture.

At first, the energy field pushed me to perhaps, unhealthy extremes.

Suddenly I saw a sign. But could only take a picture of some of it. Isn't that the way of the Truth? You can only see some of it and only through a car's windshield.

Isn't god (or God)very similar to Love.  Although god has even more stretch limos than the Little White Chapel, where Michael Jordan, Joan Collins and Amy Shearn were married. (not to each other)

Suddenly, I began to brim with confidence and renewed sense of self. Maybe it is true. All you need is love and a little time off.


So maybe I haven't built a Hoover dam. But I did take the tour. It made me proud that someone besides Rachel Maddow appreciates the dam thing. (a joke made twice by our tour guide)

I don't really have a slogan. As I am still working on the overall donsbasement brand, I don't have Rachel's
"lean forward."

Instead, I just say "good bye and good luck/"

Or sometimes, just "so what,"

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