Saturday, August 3, 2013

Niagara Falls, slowly I turned...

For men or boys of a certain age, if you say Niagara Falls, they will say...

"Niagara Falls,  slowly I turned...step by step...inch by inch..." I myself am of that age. So when I went to Niagara Falls recently, I had Peggy shoot this video.

The Three Stooges performed this routine in movies and on TV. The story is of a man who is left by his wife. She leaves a note. "Dear Moe; I am running away with Larry." Moe becomes obsessed with finding the man who has ruined his life. Moe finds him. In Niagara Falls.

Moe tells this story to a stranger and becomes so worked up that beats up Curly (or Curly-Joe)...Stooges Flava.

Then Curly et al, says Niagara Falls again. And the beatings continue.

The Niagara Falls phenomenon is commented on by Rebecca Day of the Niagara Falls Reporter.
She contends that the Stooges were only one of many vaudeville acts that used "Slowly I turned," and that Niagara Falls was not always the trigger.

Ms. Day contends that Joey Faye, a vaudevillian whose journey took him from playing second banana to the great Phil Silvers, " appeared in 36 Broadway shows and numerous programs on early television, and won a best actor award in 1959 from the West Coast Critics Association for a Los Angeles production of ''Waiting for Godot'' opposite Jack Albertson," and ultimately played a grape on a Fruit of the Loom commercial.
His autograph: You are not to be sneezed at. God Bless

Joey is white guy on right.
Joey Faye, nee Joseph Antony Palladino  also is credited or self credited for the Flugle Street bit.
Here the protagonists attempt to deliver straw hats to the Susquehanna Hat Company, but everyone they meet along the way has a reason for hating that company and each of them destroys a hat until there are none left.

Anger and frustration course through the work of the late Mr. Faye.

Peggy and I had a lovely time at Niagara Falls.

See below for Stooges with Curly.

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