Monday, January 13, 2014

The Golden Globes and Bad Weather

Being in below zero weather freezes your brain. It slows you down and quite frankly makes you a little thick headed. All you care about is getting and staying warm. Even though the frozen vortex or whatever the hell they called has passed, I am only know beginning to thaw out.

Part of that process included watching the Golden Globes. We (and you know who you are) turned it on at 7:00 PM. I have not descended into the depths of the "red carpet" shows just yet.

Here are a few observations.

Jennifer Lawrence, then and now.

In 2013, she starred in the movie with all the dancing and football jerseys. In 2014 She again played Katniss Everdeen as well as the bleached blonde wife of Christian Bale in American Hustle.

At this point, many of you reading, especially the males will be disappointed that there are no pictures of Jennifer Lawrence in this post. I blame the NSA. And Michael Moore.

In the 2013 pic, Jen, as I like to call her and she hates, is dressed in red and this year she wore a Dior Gown.

Click here to see gown and see something disturbing.

Did you see it? People are dressing their dogs, their cats, themselves in a mock version of JLAW's Golden Globes Gown.

Donald Sutherland, the nemesis of Jennifer Lawrence and all decent people is quoted as saying,""I hope that they will take action because it's getting drastic in this country." Drone strikes. Corporate tax dodging. Racism. The Keystone oil pipeline. Denying food stamps to "starving Americans". It's all going to pot. "It's not right. It's not right."

And. "We did it in '68."

Yeah, well. The system has worked well for you, Don and your family. So let the rest of us live in peace. The 60s disrupted as many careers as it launched, dude.

Where were George Clooney and Woody Allen? Woody Allen, I understand. Part of the Woody Allen brand is to not attend awards shows. It is a brand advantage over anyone who attends awards shows. I think he feels very guilty about his success and also superstitious. Woody has been shunning the awards (except for 2002 when he flew to LA to support New York) at least since the 70s. He has managed to find a job for all these years. Why change horses in midstream?

Clooney, though. Really should have been there. C'mon. Sandy Bullock was there. You produced all this stuff. Are you angry about Monuments Men not being released in 2013?

Ocean's Eleven meets the Dirty Dozen.

Do we need this? Really?

There are too many Emmas in show business. This is for all my British Fans. Too many Emmas. I can't keep track of them.

So what does it all mean?

It is January 13. The middle of the month. Almost. While winter has beaten us down (and will certainly do so again) we still have the Super Bowl and the Oscars to look forward to.

Again, sorry for the lack of Jennifer Lawrence photos. There are some on the internet at some of the entertainment sites.

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