Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Vision Statement for Don's Basement: It's Okay

After resuming my post(s) as Chief Content Provider for Don's Basement, I have faced many internal and external challenges. 

Should I continue to post every week? How about every day? 

How about staying on Twitter (@donsbasement1) all day?

My challenge to you is to liken the Trump White House to books and classical tales
The Hustler. With George C. Scott as Trump and Paul Newman as America.

Or writing about interesting stuff like this?

Real Life Mise-en-scène                          

Day I went to Kinko's in my bathroom slippers
Wild Life Photography

Red Slider Photogr

I felt there was a need to begin to craft a Vision Statement and brought in some experts to assist me. Here is a summary of our initial discussions. 


  1. You got a hurrumph out of me!! Keep posting, I've been digging into the archives lately...

  2. Love the clips. "I'm O.K." is a good start to any vision statement. As the Hartford song goes "I believe in, I believe in, I believe in you...."

    1. Almost done at the same time as your Mt. Rushmore post. Perhaps the tide is turning.