Sunday, August 21, 2011

Pan Flutes, Simon and Garfunkel and Anger

In Sunday's NY Times, Neil Genzlinger, city critic, comes up with 10 (or 9) offenses for which offenders can be fined.

First on the list...." Anyone playing a pan flute in public, licensed or not. Double fine for any pan flutist who plays that old Simon and Garfunkel song more than six times an hour."

That song is El Cóndor Pasa (The Condor Goes by (or Flies by), a Peruvian folk song.

This pan flute situation is very serious in New York. Here is link to Gridskipper than calls out the pan flutists.

Peruvian pan flute buskers rank just above NYU kids playing Bob Dylan covers in the Astor Place subway station in terms of pure distilled crap. Amazingly, you can go anywhere in the world--or at least wherever tourists can be found--and catch a group of sad looking Peruvians blowing on their pan pipes, strumming a guitar, with a PA system providing back up and a tambourine forlornly keeping time, churning out New Agey pap. 

The Gridskipper post is from 2006 and Times wrote about these dudes on 2011.
Get out much or is it the end of political correctness?

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