Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stopping in at the Lake of Magical Writing

Ganesha is a Hindu God depicted with four arms, two legs and the head of an elephant. He is known as the Remover of Obstacles.

A 4 inch brass covered statue of Ganesha sits at the base of my computer.

An even smaller wooden Buddha sits by his side.

There is a plastic red eyed gorilla posed as "The Thinker."

Handwritten on a post-it note, "Let's work the problem people." (Gene Krantz, played by Ed Harris in Apollo 13)

Framed 20 stamp panes of Frank Sinatra, Cowboys of the Silver Screen and Edgar Allan Poe.

Coins from Hong Kong and China,

Another post-it note from online traffic school:


These totems are supposed to make me feel better.

That and the occasional jumbo char dog with mustard, relish, celery salt, tomato and pickle.

From LTH Forum:


  1. Just read this to Kayla, and she's thinking "Ganja."

  2. Well, sure. She lives in Humboldt County. Sober when I wrote it but there are always lingering effects!

  3. uh, you forgot the photos of your lovely wife that you put up everywhere
    or not

  4. Thank you AOT GRID.
    Right, there are many pictures of Kimberly(aka Peggy) and the children and grandchildren. But doesn't that take away from the whole moodiness and thematic gestalt of Don's Basement. The Don's Basement brand is the loner and past his prime rebel.
    If I include all the wonderfulness of my loving family, I dilute the brand. We can't go off message. Not with the high stakes of this blog.