Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Last Bey of the Series: "The only thing I knew how to do, is to keep on keeping on."

Two Girls in Front of Lady D's

c. 1976, printed by 1979

Dawoud Bey

This is the final photograph of the 8 days of Bey blog. I recommend the book, Dawoud Bey, Harlem USA as a gift to a friend, a relative, a lover or yourself.

The composition of this photograph is compelling, nostalgic, funny and sad. The poses of the girls juxtaposed show skepticism versus joy. There is real attitude in their knees and their bell bottom jeans.

The signage with its offers of ice cream, chicken and chips, frankfurters, chili brings me to the comfort food present.

There are 34 duotone illustrations in this book and the reproduction your screen only hints at the depth and character of the photographs.

The quote in the title is from Tangled up in Blue, written by Bob Dylan sometime around 1974. I am always somehow Tangled up in Blue.

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