Friday, December 14, 2012

Bey 5, I believe the Children are our future, Five Children

Five Children c. 1976, printed 1979

I love the interaction between the children and photographer. It is hard to see the two kids on left hand side of photo. The one of the far left has a sweet Afro and the one next to him has his face obscured by the boy in the middle. These kid in shadow are distant from the photographer in space and in relationship. They are observers of the photograph.

The three children in the sun are the stars of the photo. The boy on the left looks distrustful on the man with the camera. The girl in the middle in confident. The composition of the shadow across her face adds to the mystery of who she is and what she is thinking.

The boy on the right is my favorite. He's got this great tough guy pose and he is like 9 years old. Since I am so old, (61 at last count) that I lose track of ages.

It is the 7th day of Hannukah. I am taking a day off and it is 50 degrees in the middle of December. Global warming or great holiday weather?

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