Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Bey 3, or am I losing count.

A Man in a Bowler Hat, 1976, printed by 1979.

This man does not have an easy face to read. He has the "Mona Lisa" smile. The man is dressed like a million bucks, white tie, and of course, the bowler hat. It looks like he is in front of his home. I can't tell if he is in a hurry to leave or he has just come back and wants to walk up the steps (or down, depending) as soon as this picture has been shot.
There are nuances in his eyes and eyebrows but this gentlemen could keep a secret. If you made a deal with him, he would live up to his end. And so should you.
It is the 6th night of Chanuka. The so called "meh" night of the holiday. So named by a very small and sometimes amusing column in the New York Times. We have been having a swell Chanuka. A big key for us are the candles and the presents. We do not discuss in detail the Maccabees            successes in war and peace. You can find a form of the tale on
I don't really know what happened during the Maccabean times. It is not Santa at the mall. 

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