Thursday, December 13, 2012

A Trombonist from the 369th Regiment Marching Band, 1977, printed 1979

Bey 4 .I really should have started this series on the first day of Hanukah. The marketing department let me down because they thought Hanukah it always right around Christmas.

Any, tonight is music night and Peggy and I worked on our exotic dulcimer/guitar rhythms. (As it were)

This man with a trombone seems very pleased about something. It think it's music. You know he's got some pipes because he's playing a trombone. I feel like he's been playing the trombone for many years. He enjoys wearing the uniform and performing. There is cool wall art or something over the man's right shoulder. It looks like a cup cake logo. In the Park Slope of the day. Over his left shoulder are Venetian blinds.

You know what Venetian blinds represent.


  1. Robert Frank had a different take on this theme, more of a graphic composition than a portrait, take a look:

  2. Also a tuba and not a trombone. But very cool composition. Love the flag billowing about/