Monday, May 13, 2013

The Mermaid of Asia

Recent back channel reports from New York indicate the The Mermaid of Brooklyn is on its way to Asia. According to an e-mail, I heard about an entity that is "shipping books to Asia." That is the dream of all capitalism... to sell mass quantities to the "communist" regime.

Many people in Hong Kong will be able to totally relate the "Mermaid." The apartments are small. It is steamy and no always that clean on the streets.  People with children flock to the parks. Some parents. Many nannies. Sound familiar.

The Mermaid of Brooklyn would be enjoyed in Hong Kong. And many parts of the mainland have their share of big cities.

Fact: The population of Brooklyn is 2.5 million.

Fact: There are 37 cities in China that are larger than Brooklyn. I have been to China a bunch of times  and I haven't heard of many of these places.  Like Hefei.  3.5 Million y'all. 5 million plus the burbs and the rural places.

On a recent trip to China, I found the Mermaid in the oddest places.

Here is an associate of mine where I work.  He lives in Texas. He is a vice-President and I am only a director. He held up a  copy of the Mermaid in front of the main entrance of the Canton Trade Fair.

As you may know, all Americans are followed by armed guards in the "Peoples" Republic of China. This soldier man did not give his name. All special novels are also given this treatment.

In an unbelievable coincidence, this young woman is named Amy. Different last name. She works in her father's business.

We actually found the "Lost Dutchman." As it turns out,  the dude lives in Hong Kong. Good guy. Took a bunch of us on a party bus through Hong Kong.

Good luck to the "Mermaid" in Asia. 

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