Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Seven days a week, are not enough to show I care....

As many readers may know, I have lately been very excited about the novel,
"The Mermaid of Brooklyn" imagined and written by Amy Shearn. 
I have been a fan of Shearn for many, many years. 

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obamab

Here are some of my thoughts about the work....

If you are a mother or had one, you will like this book.

Funny as hell. Very solid observational humor. I get a "you are there" quality to their neighborhood, to Jenny's Brooklyn.

Now, this has got to be kept confidential. I don't want a giant twitter campaign... however,...Jenny Lipkin in "The Mermaid of Brooklyn" is kind of a weirdo.I can say that the young woman is...

ok..I won't spoil it for you.

read the book and you tell me.

Now for our winner,:
R. Nikles
General Delivery, California.

I will be sending a copy of The Mermaid of Brooklyn, to "R."

For R. knew that Jeri Ryan(the actress who played 7 of 9 on a Star Trek spin-off) was at one time married to Jack Ryan. Jack Ryan ran as a republican against Barack Obama, current president of the United States. The details contained in divorce proceedings of Mr and Mrs. painted a lurid picture of their sex lives. This led the republicans to remove Ryan to select Alan Keyes of Maryland to run aganst then state senator Obama. Insuring a landslide victory for the charismatic Chicagoan.

In fact, I will also be sending a copy of "The Mermaid of Brooklyn" to Michelle Obama as a mother's day present.

Buy two copies, one to read and one to share.

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