Thursday, March 21, 2013

And on the third day, He sold,

This is my third day on a 7 or 8 day project to personally endorse a book.The Mermaid of Brooklyn, by Amy Shearn. These are brand new links by the way. And one of them goes to Twitter.

In any event, I contend that this book of fiction explains and entertains and in this world that is real value.

I am a business person. I work with the exchange of goods to merchants across America. There are two questions in a buying decision. Is the price too high? Or is the price too low? Also, can you get it there on time.

Let's look at this new book as a product. This product costs about 10 bucks. And if you have Amazon freight. 10 bucks.

Let me tell you further about myself since it is my blog. I spend that much for lunch 3 or 4 times a week. It depends on how often we go to Culvers or Dominicks. But it's usually between $6 and $10 dollars a day. The fact is that I enjoy the time I spend with my friends and co-workers and I get to eat at the same time and it's worth the $10 to have a sandwich and a salad.

However, after an hour that experience is gone. Famished. You wouldn't remember what you ate. Or what you talked about. Back at work, trying to satisfy the people, answering e-mails. Back to reality.

Consider, the same $10.00 for purchasing a book. A book that will make you laugh out loud and then make you cringe in anxiety. And will give you hours and hours of intellectual pleasure. Just $10.00. It is truly a value proposition.

And The Mermaid of Brooklyn is the perfect mother's day gift for mothers of a certain age.

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