Friday, March 22, 2013

Day 4, Deity creates heavens, blogger supports emerging author

Day 4, according to the "bible,"

And G-d said, "Let there be light-producing heavenly bodies, to divide between the Day and the Night, and to be markers for special times, and for days and for nights. And they should also come to be illuminating bodies in space, to provide light for the Earth. And it was so.

And G-d created the two Great Lights, the Great Light to rule during the Day, and the Smaller Light to rule during the Night, and the Stars.

Whatever. You are better than us.

So, anyhoo, I was thinking about "The Little Mermaid,", the film and brand. The movie made 211 million world wide. This was is 1989 when 211 million meant something.

I don't think there are many similiarites between "The Little Mermaid," and The Mermaid of Brooklyn, by Amy Shearn.

In all ways, the Amy Shearn experience is superior.

However....fair is fair.

The Little Mermaid had the voice stylings of Samuel E. Wright singing the Academy Award winning song, "Under the Sea." According wikipedia, "Wright released a soul music record in 1973, "There's Something Funny Going On" b/w "Three Hundred Pounds of Hungry" on the Paramount label." He managed to work as Sebastian the crab from 1989 till 1992. Bless em for having a career in the arts. It ain't easy.

That said, "Under the Sea" is kind of boring. And it is insidious. Like, we're all supposed to live under the water. Sounds like a Wes Anderson movie.

Leave Mermaids to the professionals.

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