Monday, March 18, 2013

Mermaids part 1:

When you think of mermaids, what do you think of....beside, of course, the upcoming novel, "The Mermaid of Brooklyn." by Amy Shearn.

Like me, I'm sure you wonder if Tom Hanks worked in New York in the movie, Splash. And if so was it Brooklyn. And then Daryl Hannah  would also a  mermaid of Brooklyn.

I don't remember much of the movie. Do you? I remember that Daryl Hannah made a frightening sound that smashed things. She is very sexy. Tom Hanks works on a dock selling fish or vegetables.

So, let's check out the internet and see what we can find....

With one search....I found gold. Behold the website On the set of New York

Tom Hanks does work in New York. And Dayrl Hannah appeared in Brooklyn.

Cadman Plaza and Furman Street (near Brooklyn Bridge) Brooklyn.

Typical Brooklyn scene.



The more things change....

Strangely they don't show the dock where Tom Hanks works. Instead, the web site leads off with this photo selection.

Taken on Liberty Island.

The Statue of Liberty was inspired by a painting of Delacroix.

"Liberty Leading the People" by Eugene Delacroix


So, I guess we shouldn't be offended by a little nudity with our liberty.

Speaking of liberty, guess what painting was recently defaced at Louvre.

"Liberty Leading the People."

Also, Splash premiered in March 1984. The cast included Shecky Greene.
Amy Shearn was almost 5 years old when Splash premiered.

It makes you think.

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