Sunday, March 24, 2013

6.....of 7 or 6 of 8, of 7 of 9. The Mermaid of Brooklyn

I can't remember when I started this series if I promised 7 days of discussing the great new book "The Mermaid of Brooklyn" by Amy Shearn or 8 days.

However, as a special Trivia Contest.

What is the relationshiop between 7 of 9 and President Obama? The best explanation will win a free copy of The Mermaid of Brooklyn.

The free copy is courtesy of Don's Basement.

Send your answers on facebook or comments to the blog.

7 of did she help President Obama's rise to prominence.

Arguments in favor of 7.

God created the world in 7 days.

From my friends at The Comic Torah:

The Yiddish Song Bulbes
It's about eating potatoes every day. The Fugs changed it to "Nothing": but they made it dirty.

The Magnificent Seven

OR 8....

As in 8 Days a Week

Note Spanish subtitles and different harmony.

 8 Seconds

The rodeo movie

8 Days for celebrating Jewish Festivals in the diaspora

Here is a very simple explanation from Chabad..

Originally, the starting date of every new month was broadcast from Jerusalem to distant Jewish outposts via huge bonfires which would be lit on designated mountaintops. Lookouts stationed on other mountaintops would see that a fire had been lit and would light their own fire. This chain of communication led all the way to Babylon, and even very distant communities knew when the new month began. If there was a festival that month, they now knew when to celebrate it.
But a problem arose. The Sadducees, a sect of Jews who denied rabbinic authority and were constantly at odds with the Sanhedrin, started lighting fires on the wrong days in order to manipulate the calendar.1
To prevent this confusion, the fire-on-mountaintop method of communication was discontinued, and instead messengers were dispatched to Babylon and all other far-flung Jewish settlements.
Since news travels a lot slower that way, distant communities would not know when Rosh Chodesh (the "Head of the Month") had been declared in time to celebrate the festival on the proper day.
It was therefore decreed that outside of the Land of Israel people would celebrate two days for each festival – the day it would be if the previous month had been a 29 day month, and the day it would be if the previous month had been a 30 day month.

My conclusion is that 7 beats 8. I am particularly disturbed about the Sadducees who set fires on the wrong days to confuse the people.

So tomorrow will be the stirring conclusion of the 7 Days of  The Mermaid of Brooklyn.

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  1. Fortunately, in this day and age, being from Chicago is not an advantage in an open Google quiz. The basics are there for all.

    Nine (nearly) are the years Jeri Ryan was married to Jack Ryan, the initial Republican opponent of Barak Obama In the race for the vacant Illinois Senate seat in 2004.

    Seven are the years from Obama's election to the Illinois legislature to his successful race for U.S. Senate in 2004.

    Seven of nine (borgs) was Jeri Ryan's character on Star Trek, and seven were the years (in 2004) since she joined the cast of Star Trek: Voyager...and seven times nine (approx.) was the ratings increase of the show when she joined, and seven times nine (approx.) was the increase in JR's heart rate when he asked Jeri to perform public sex acts with him, which lead to his downfall.

    And to round out this numbers game, four plus three equals Seven, and 43 percentage points is the margin of victory Obama enjoyed over Jack Ryan's replacement.

    We mustn't be too harsh on poor Jack. Jeri was awfully hot and kinky in that suit and she did wind up with $20 million in the divorce.

    Me, I'm more of a Michelle kind of guy.