Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mermaids Part 2 of possibly 8.


Full disclosure. Amy Shearn, author of the upcoming novel, The Mermaid of Brooklyn, is, in fact, my daughter. And from my basement, I hope to create a groundswell of love and support for her book.

It is no secret to say that the story of the novel is taken from a Lipkin/Horowitz family story. The Horowitz in question happens to be my maternal grandmother.

Shearn (or as I call her, Amy) reimagines this tale as the defining moment in the life of her character, Jenny Lipkin (nee Horowitz).

I believe that Amy is on the right track with my grandmother. Because, Jenny, AKA Amama, was a holy terror. Very opinionated lady, what with the socialist and Yiddish schools, the abortions, her taste in men. This Jenny made an impression during her allotted time.

Jenny Lipkin of today's Brooklyn, believes she had once been making an impression. Very money island, don't you know. Fancy shoes, a creative place to ply her craft, a magazine. No the girl, the young woman if you must, gets in a predicament and is looking for an answer. For this Jenny Lipkin it is the end times!

Is Jenny Lipkin saved?

You've got the read the book.

I mean it. It's a priority.

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