Monday, February 25, 2013

German/Austrian Waltz spoils a near perfect night...

In rereading one of my favorite bloggers, I couldn't help but notice that he correctly picked 8 of 9 Oscar winners

Before we enjoy some of those predictions, we have to chat about Seth MacFarlane. The first thing I ever heard about Seth MacFarlane was that he bought some expensive sport memorabilia. But I can't find documentation so I must be wrong.

Turns out it was Todd MacFarlane who bought the expensive baseballs, this is Mark McGwire's 70th home run ball.
I have never watched a full episode of Family Guy but I did see the movie,'Ted.' Seth Meyers shares an insight on 'Ted'.

" Like Seth MacFarlane, I grew up in New England, and everyone who grows up in New England has a friend like the title character in Ted—the fiercely loyal, incredibly entertaining bad influence who stays in our lives too long." The tribute continues.....

Seth is a fan. Claire Hoffman posting in the New Yorker is not so much of a fan.

Take the title of the post. Seth MacFarlane, Creepy Imitator.

"So, by comparison, MacFarlane cleaned up his act for the ABC broadcast. Even so, you can put lipstick on a pig, but, in the end, MacFarlane came off as kind of a pig, as he made fun of women for being too thin, too old, too naked. How sophisticated is it to call the pretty, popular girls sluts?"

My take on Seth as Oscar host. Good delivery and quick with most of the jokes. His comic set pieces with Shatner and the Von Trapp family were cringe inducing.  He combines his many talents...comedy, music, dance, art with the vulgar adolescence that is a baby boomer legacy.
Better than the last few years....

 William Shatner and Patricia Breslin in the Twilight Zone but not the one on the airplane.
Now back to me;

Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Supporting Actress, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, and Visual Effects.

The tough categories here were Actress, Sound Editing and Sound Mixing.

As many of you know, I gave Jennifer Lawrence the nod because Hollywood ignored the best movie of the year, "The Hunger Games."

Jennifer Lawrence and me at our Purim Party

The masses did not ignore The Hunger Games.

Opening Weekend: $152,535,747 | Total Domestic Gross: $408,010,692 | Worldwide Gross: $686,533,290 | Total Budget: $130,000,000

The accountants enjoyed it as well.

Sound Editing was so close it ended in a tie. Skyfall and Zero Dark Thirty tied for the Oscar.

Doesn't that sound suspicious? Zero Dark Thirty was despised by a political segment of Hollywood and other parts of America.  And then after 6 nominations (or so), it gets tied by a Bond film in the final talley.

Jon Stewart should remind us that Zero Dark Thirty is make-believe. Like all movies. It's not real life.

Sound Mixing...a guess based on the Argo momentum. Also they had a scene in a Middle Eastern market place. Great sounds. Great pictures. A souk is much better on film than in person.

Ben Affleck not really in Iran

Missed on Supporting actor. Really thought sentiment for DeNiro would carry him to another Oscar. Instead, Waltz again plays a charming killer.

That's it for the Oscars unless I can't think of any other important cultural event that requires my analysis.

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