Sunday, February 17, 2013

And the Oscar goes to Daniel Day Lewis. What else can I say?

 Listen, I  grew up in Illinois. I shook hands with Abraham Lincoln. Friends, Daniel Day Lewis is Lincoln.

Abe had the same squeaky, slightly Irish voice and told the same corny stories. Great performance. I felt myself "back in the day," when I was a Senate page in charge of Thaddeus Stevens wig.

As you all know, Thaddy T, was a sharp tongued congressman from Pennsylvania who is featured in the movie "Lincoln." He is known for his fierce opposition to slavery and ferocious debating style.

Here are some of his zingers.

You fatuous nincompoop!

 I haven't noticed you. I'm a Republican, and you, Coughdrop, are a Democrat?

This is the face of someone who has fought long and hard for the good of the people without caring much for any of 'em. And I look a lot worse without the wig.

Thanks to my work in the House in the 60's, I have some rare footage of the T-man without his wig. And catch the shout out to Daniel Day Lewis (or Lewis)

As to the rest of the field for the are the latest odds:

DD Lewis: 1-25 (although some sites have him 1-100)

Hugh Jackman: 12 to 1

Joaquin Phoenix: 33 to 1

Bradley Cooper: 50 to 1

Denzel Washington: 66 to 1.

Hugh Jackman is best known for his facebook page. He has 1.5 MILLION likes. On Friday he posted, ""As I’ve gone on, I’ve become more guarded about what’s personal and what’s public, and I’ve become smarter about how I protect myself and my family."
He's a Libra.
I didn't see Le Miz but I'm sure he was fine.

Joaquin Phoenix was outstanding in Gladiator. Although nominated for best supporting actor, he lost to Benicio Del Toro  Traffic.

Bradley Cooper changed his name when he went into show business. He dropped the "D" and disappeared for awhile.
Copper was so angered by the casting of Treat Williams, in this bio-pic that his character in Silver Linings Playbook is plagued by bi-polar disorder and gets a very hot girl friend

Denzel Washington is a bright young actor for whom being nominated is award enough.

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