Saturday, February 16, 2013

Best Supporting Actress...."Oh my gosh, This is happening."

I didn't see the movie "Les Miserables" but apparently it has something to do with France. When I went to France, there didn't seem to be all that dancin' about. But we went in January, so maybe the spectacle goes dark.

Here are the odds in this category;

Anne Hathaway: The Miserables. 1/40
Sally Field: Lincoln: 12
Amy Adams: The Master 25
Helen Hunt: The Sessions 20
Jacki Weaver: Silver Linings Playbook:66

This is from a British site. "Please note: Whilst every effort is made to ensure odds are up to date, differences between these odds and those actually available from quoted betting partners may exist."

Anne Hathaway has lapped the field in this and she has one of the best "Oscar" stories of all time. Her mother, Mrs. Hathaway was also an actress.

For the record, I really liked Anne in "Rachel Getting Married". Although nominated for an Oscar for her performance, Anne lost to Kate Winslet (The Reader). Anne should have won. I don't like realistic movie Nazis.

I didn't like her Golden Globe schtick. You be the judge...

Sally Field got the "Flying Nun" shoutout from Anne, while totally ignoring Gidget. As a young person in the 60s, Gidget meant so much more to me.

That's Sally,  an unidentified generic white TV actor of the 60s, and ,possibly Betty Conner, who played Gidget's older sister ANNE!!!. How is that for tortured internet connections?

Amy Adams was raised in a Mormon family of seven children in Castle Rock, Colorado. She starred in Psycho Beach Party in 2000. I didn't see the movie but I'm guessing she played the cute red head.

Helen Hunt is nominated for her role as a sex therapist in "The Sessions."
I don't like Helen Hunt and I can't tell you why. Maybe it was her work in Mr. Saturday Night, when she played opposite Billy Crystal.

Billy Crystal is good in this scene and Helen Hunt is bad.

That brings us to Jacki Weaver, whom no one has ever heard of. She is Australian.

Here is a funny clip of Kangaroos on a golf course in Australia.


  1. Hey, that's not really Anne's mother -- and I know that because I looked it up. Just now. Also, did you know that Beyonce is married to Jay-Z?

  2. You can't believe everything that you read on the internet.