Friday, February 22, 2013

The Academy f#@ked the deck on 'Directing'

No Ben Affleck, no Tarantino, Bigelow, guy who directed Le Miz, .

And yet, their movies are nominated for 'best picture.' It is difficult  to handicap (rank) such a field.

Fortunately for us, there are bookies in the United Kingdom. Here is what they say...

Steve Spielberg is the favorite, getting offered at between 1 to 9 and a more generous 3 to 10.

Next up is Ang Lee (Life of Pi) which is a pretty consistent 4 to 1 bet. But I warn you. The British are much closer to the whole India/Pakistan/Canada thing.
Interestingly, the "Life of Pi" is a prequel to "Pi".

Here's the trailer..."12:45, restate my assumptions."

Michael Haneke (Amour) is between 12 and 16 to 1.

David O Russell (SLP) 16 to 20.

Wunderkind Benh Zeitlin...between 40 and 100 to 1.

Zeitlin  born in Manhattan and  raised in Queens. He has lived in New Orleans since about 5 years ago.

                                              Eddie Murphy comes to America to find a Queen.

Here is what David Denby of the New York Times had to say about the lead actress, in "Beasts of the Southern Wild."

The six-year-old Hushpuppy, played by the bayou local Quvenzhané Wallis, is a fierce little kid with a thatch of dark hair, a mouth that can form into a determined pout, and an easy swing to her skinny legs.

She may have been a bayou local, but Q Wallis did not get the role handed to her. She beat out about 4,000 other little girls. She is very good. The life of child stars ranges from Jody Foster to the kid that nobody remembers in the "Our Gang" comedies. If Q wants that life, she would be good at it.

                                             (that's the "kid" in the back)

The production, to me, is , "poverty porn." It's a good movie but it's an exploitation film. It's a very, very, very good student film. What students don't understand about me is that I need a story. The thread. The what happens next-ness of the movie. I don't favor moody reflections about life and love in the movies. Unless there is a good story attached to it.

Let's look at the story telling. The through-line or whatever they call it when they produce a movie.

Lincoln....has to end slavery. Pretty compelling. We know that slavery ended but we're not sure how. That is interesting.

Life of Pi....a boy and a tiger shipwrecked on a raft. (Spoiler alert, the boy makes it out alive). Good. Lower stakes than ending slavery, however.

Silver Linings Playbook. An obnoxious guy with a crazy father meets a depressed young widow and then needs to win a dance competition. I did fall in love again with Katnis...I mean Jennifer. But seriously....ending slavery versus a local dance thing.

                                                   Jennifer Lawrence in "X-Men."
And Beasts...a young girl in a  physically decaying neighborhod but with a post racial lanquor or something meets some creatures from the ice age in her imagination which is what all of experience is.

Yeah, that is how life is to an 8 year. To an 8 year old. I'm not 8. I'm big. I'm an adult.

Where is the director of Argo? Zero Dark Thirty...filming in India for the most part. Tackling a subject which is of gut level importance to billions of people on earth. The finding and killing Osama ben Ladn.

And this happended to Kathryn Bigelow personally.


Surrounded by Tarantino and Cameron. Two of the great ego-Americans of our day. I am leaning towards Ang Li to upset St. Stephen.

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