Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Garry Winogrand: III: The Drunken Women of Fort Worth (note the click bait title)

After hanging around New York, taking photos in various boroughs from 1949 to 1971, Gary Winogrand needed a job. In 1971 Winogrand began teaching, first at the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design (through 1972) and then at the University of Texas at Austin (1973–78), before moving to Los Angeles. " Preceding comes from the Encyclopedia Britannica which is some sort of Wikipedia imitator.  (check out the article on Winogrand , it's much more thorough than this blog) 

Texas gave Winogrand a new set of faces and places to unfold before him. 

I find in the relationship of the hands and faces a tangle of emotion, abandon, and surprise. Through the hands, the women express their concerns about the photograph, the setting and each other.

#1 seems to be reaching for an earring. She wants to go back to normality or maybe she wants to go home.

#2's hand is comfortable on #3's shoulder just above her left breast.

#3 has got some serious length in her arms. Her right hand holds the fascinating cigarette and her left, bracelet clad arm is soddenly grabbed by #4 who holds on for dear life.

Contrast Fort Worth with the photograph used to publicize the Winogrand exhibit at the Met.

1955: El Morocco, New York

It is a powerful contrast. Is it East and West? The post-war American triumphalism or the Viet-Nam era fatalistic party time. Intensity or casual slackness?

If you are interested in street photography, you can check out Downtown at Dawn for more a contemporary look at city, citizens and visitors of New York.

You can also read Eric Kim Street Photography. This guy is way into Winogrand and the art form.

Good stuff.

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