Monday, July 7, 2014

There is a tavern in the town etc.

The 773 Lounge is an Irish Pub on 773 Coney Island Blvd, in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn. Ditmas Park is right next to Kensington and Flatbush. I can't judge all of Ditmas Park by the 773 Lounge. But Brooklyn is not all artisanal mayonnaise. (although I had a wonderful curry mustard at another place) Not if the 773 still stands.

We opened the door  and everyone at the bar... 6 men, 2 or 3 women. (One slipped in after I thought of writing this down. Sorry) turned to us. Stopped. And resumed their conversations. A few looked at his. A couple even older than I  gave us the once over. Especially the lady. She drank Rolling Rock from the bottle.

The bartender introduced himself. "I'm John. Let me know if you need anything. Wave, whistle, whatever. What can I get you?"

He poured my drink, healthily and drew a Guinness for my companion. The Yankees were on 2 of the 6 screens. Naturally on either end of the bar. The young pitcher they acquired from Japan faced the Minnesota Twins and they seemed to be hitting him pretty good. It's hard to concentrate on the Yankees.

 Against a far wall were camera phone looking images on the biggest screen of Karaoke singing, waving of arms, and people having what seemed to be a good time at this very lounge.

We ordered food at a window cut out of wall at the back of the place which I think was called the Food Shack. Cheese Pizzette (which is Ditmas Park for small pizza) and veggie quesadillas. While we waited for our food, we spoke to a gent and told him we were from Chicago. (Well, I was born in Chicago nearly 60 years ago)

"I love Chicago. It's my favorite city. Wrigley Field. I love it. It's the best place ever."

"Why did you visit Chicago?" We asked.

"Chicago. I love Wrigley field...."

This went on for some time but not too much time. He seemed like a good hearted person who probably drank too much. But what the f.... do I know? No shortage of cursing at the 773 Lounge.

The 773 Lounge has the reputation of being a "dive" bar. In fact, it is said to be one of the 18 best dive bars in Brooklyn. (click to see this list).

To me, it's a bar and perhaps I'll visit on my next trip to Brooklyn.

Oh right, and probably see my grandchildren, daughter and son-in-law.

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