Monday, June 26, 2017

Independence Day: A Celebration of Grady

Whitman Mayo ((November 15, 1930 – May 22, 2001) is best known for playing "Grady Demond Wilson" on the classic sit com, "Sanford and Son." Grady is one of Fred Sanford's (Redd Foxx) best friends. 

On this blog ,I have previously referred to Grady. (Don's Basement, September 3, 2014). As db fans no doubt recall, that post is entitled "When Jerry met Hef, " and refers to the Grateful Dead appearing on Playboy After Dark.

When describing the habitués on the Playboy After Dark set, I wrote the following. 

The Dead playing Playboy after Dark is one of those Don Shearn paradoxes. Like the Buddy Love versus Grady personality divide. 

Buddy Love wants to be the center of attention. The most charming and yet in many ways the most obnoxious guy in the room. 

Grady likes peaceful things. Like watching television. Hanging around with Fred Sanford. 

Jerry Lewis as "Buddy Love."

Whitman Mayo as "Grady"

Prior to retirement (AKA, being laid off, sacked, fired or liberated), I often said to Peggy that Grady would be met retirement role model. Hanging out with friends, doing a little drinking, watching TV and then hanging out some more.

After my last post failed to bring down President Trump, I decided to retreat into my inner Grady. And being so close to Independence Day, I am exercising my new found freedom to do pretty much what I want.

Here are some Grady quotations.

"Sanford and Son: The Family Man (#4.25)" (1975)
Mr. DeVoord: [Looking at the painting, a black professor turns to his white wife] It's tasteless. It's the worst combination of colors I've ever seen. 
Grady Wilson: You should be used to that. 

"Sanford and Son: The Defiant One (#6.15)" (1977)
Grady Wilson: [Serving supper to the Sanfords] We'll start the evening off with my famous Russian cocktail. Vodka and prune juice. 
Lamont Sanford: [Spits out drink] Vodka and prune juice? 
Grady Wilson: Yeah, yeah. I call that my Trotsky. 

Lamont Sanford: [Lamont and Grady in the kitchen. Lamont explaining why the policemen can't stop eating so much of Grady's salad) Now just about everybody knows that one of the main side effects of using marijuana is the hungries or the munchies. 
Grady Wilson: Weren't they in "The Wizard of Oz"? 
Lamont Sanford: That was the Munchkins! 
Grady Wilson: Oooh, yeah. Didn't you just love that picture? 
Lamont Sanford: Grady, would you knock it off? This is no time for that. 
Grady Wilson: There was Dorothy and Toto and the Wicked Witch of the Watts. 

I have created a tribute video to Grady. It is taken from youtube clips and is copyright protected. In the very off hand chance that this post makes any money, I will contribute it to something appropriate. 
Before watching video, ask yourself "WWGD."

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