Monday, July 3, 2017

New York, yeah and Brooklyn too

There is a serious gap in reviews and contemplation of New York City. According to Wikipedia a mere 1936 films have been made about New York , 603 TV shows set in New York, and one book worth reading, "The Mermaid of Brooklyn. "
I just spend a week there and thought it was wonderfully diverse, easy to maneuver, and full of possibilities. 

Frank Bruni did not feel so generous about last week. He began his July 2 column thusly; 

Hieronymus Bosch painted a torture chamber where mutant beasts snacked on human flesh. Dante conjured fire, ice and a devil with three faces. If either man lived in New York City today, he’d know better. Hell is the subway at rush hour.
42nd Street Station (photo taken with an IPHONE)

And as it turned out, there was a derailment on the "A" train on June 27. That was one day after Peggy and I took our grandchildren up to the Cloisters. 

In order to set the record straight, I made a movie about New York in 5 acts. I think it pretty much covers everything. 


  1. I agree with you; that covers everything and very well if I may say,

  2. Puts one in a New York frame of mind . . . .

  3. A truck full of zombies and goat yogurt...get me a ticket!

  4. Oh yeah. I like that the school pickup line made it into the highlights!!

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